Client Reviews

4.9 7 reviews

Mick is one of the most inspiring Psychologists I ever met. Helping, coaching, and supporting others to overcome their fears and inhibitions is what he loves, and what he is simply great at. I have a wonderful therapist and I would recommend him to anyone.

D. R.

Because of ADHD treatment I don’t feel so crazy. I used to feel so alone and different from everyone else. Now I understand why and you’ve helped me realize I’m not the only one this way.

F. K.

He is the most professional psychotherapist. He helped me with personal issues that I could’ve never overcome by myself. I highly recommend his services.

K. R.

Incredible. Life changing. Truly.

D. A.

Mick Gallinson is such a caring, calm, professional presence. Give him a call!

N. S.

My first recommendation for a psychotherapist is Mick Gallinson. He is licensed, experienced, and one of the few people I would truly trust my life, feelings, honesty, and clarity with.

I. B.

I learned I don’t have to live with pain and I am a lot stronger now!

S. G.