I’m Dr. Mick Gallinson

I work with adolescents and adults.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 19451). I have particular expertise and experience in working with complex, comorbid behavioral and psychiatric disorders: manifestations of anxiety and depression, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), bi-polar disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Client Reviews

4.9 7 reviews

Mick is one of the most inspiring Psychologists I ever met. Helping, coaching, and supporting others to overcome their fears and inhibitions is what he loves, and what he is simply great at. I have a wonderful therapist and I would recommend him to anyone.

D. R.

Because of ADHD treatment I don’t feel so crazy. I used to feel so alone and different from everyone else. Now I understand why and you’ve helped me realize I’m not the only one this way.

F. K.

He is the most professional psychotherapist. He helped me with personal issues that I could’ve never overcome by myself. I highly recommend his services.

K. R.

Incredible. Life changing. Truly.

D. A.

Mick Gallinson is such a caring, calm, professional presence. Give him a call!

N. S.

My first recommendation for a psychotherapist is Mick Gallinson. He is licensed, experienced, and one of the few people I would truly trust my life, feelings, honesty, and clarity with.

I. B.

I learned I don’t have to live with pain and I am a lot stronger now!

S. G.

“The goal of psychotherapy is to nurture your ability to use what you think and feel to set a course for your life.”

What is Psychotherapy?

Therapy is very much like climbing a mountain.

It’s an act of courage.  You’ll start to climb and I’ll follow you up.  Therapy is guiding from behind. Since I’ve been climbing this mountain daily for many years, I’m familiar with most of the trails that lead to the top.  

I will make sure that we don’t get distracted by seemingly interesting trails that meander around but don’t gain elevation.  I will do my best to avoid challenging climbs that culminate in the frustrating dead ends or box canyons.  Most important, I will keep you safe, and make sure that in the process of climbing you don’t fall off the mountain.